wembley1-copy.jpg Play.com Live have it covered this year for all you Brits. They will now let the general public get their hands on some of 2008’s games and entertainment, long before they arrive in the Play.com warehouse for sale.

Play.com Live will be taking place in Wembley Stadium, and on March 15-16 you can attend for free from 10 AM to 6 PM. This also looks to be the biggest games convention to be available to the general public in the UK; an event backed by Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Activision, and THQ among others.

All attendees on those dates will get free goodie bags and many prizes, including the chance to win £50,000 each day of the public event. To access all areas of this event you will need a VIP pass, but these cost a reasonable £16 for a chance to play the big hitters of 2008.


  1. AWESOME! As forking 900 quid to go to TGS this year wasn’t enough :D another awesome convention to go to…already been to wembley and its such a great atmosphere, would be good to see this event there and hopefully next year aswell