dmc-4-dante-nero-hd-copy.jpgJapan’s first day sales of Devil May Cry 4 are in. Predictably the Playstation 3 version outsells its Xbox 360 counterpart almost 5-1. Don’t expect the same to happen in the US, or even Europe.

It’s not surprising because of the install base of each console in Japan, but what shouldn’t be scoffed at is that each version of DMC4 had a 60% sell through. Here are the relevant numbers:

DMC4 PS3: 140k
DMC4 Xbox 360: 30k

With the price of DMC4 apparently $10/£10 cheaper on the Xbox 360, we expect this version to do very well.

In other news, Wii’s Super Smash Brothers Brawl smashes DMC4 to bits, selling 500k in an 80% sell through.