surergirlfitelephantcopy.jpg After our previous report on Surfer Girl’s GDC’08 predictions, she has since blamed sleep deprivation for her original comments. We can, however, still confirm the six games we revealed, along with further titbits.

In an apparent lapse of concentration, Surfer Girl (or one of the few Surfer Girls as we presume) previously let the games of GDC ’08 slip, or at least she made unconfirmed predictions. She has now removed all of her comments from the article, stating in an update:

Note to self: Don’t answer things when half-asleep leaves rooom for error.
Note to self: Don’t type things when half-awake leaves room for errorr.
Note to self: Proofread.
Note to self: Go back to sleep.

As with the nature of these things, any listed titles are of course rumours and Surfer Girl does not act as any sort of confirmation. And yes, we noted the irony in the spelling of “errorr” too. Get some sleep Surfer Girl.

However, nothing has changed from our predictions. The Final Fantasy XIII engine will be presented in a tutorial by Square Enix, and we’re hopeful that there’ll be extensive footage of this previously unseen game.

The Force Unleashed engine will be on show, along with a discussion on Far Cry 2’s procedural storytelling. Pandemic will be presenting Mercenaries 2: World in Flames’ destructible environment, and ID Software’s Rage engine has a high chance of making an appearance.

There will be a walk through of the Frostbite engine (Battlefield: Bad Company), in addition to three big Fable 2 announcements. You can also expect new footage of Sony’s HOME and XNA announcements from Microsoft.

There is a chance that you’ll see the first footage of Resistance 2, since Insomniac will be discussing the improvements they have made with their PS3 engine. However, if we don’t see the game at GDC, I’m certain we’ll see it elsewhere very soon.

It is unknown whether the public will get to see any of this, but at least you’ll hear about it from us.


  1. Perhaps Surfer ‘Girl’ should take a leaf out of your book Patrick, a little more fact and a little less glory seeking might not be a bad idea for ‘her’. Still, enlightenment can come from those who guess, and Surfer ‘Girl’ would make a better source than me!

  2. I have no problem with rumours Discom, just make sure you say where your sources are and how likely the truth is. Whether you’re making educated guesses, or actually have inside news.

    For example, she got hold of an early Resistance 2 screenshot and said that the whole game doesn’t look that impressive. She now says a trailer will be coming out this month and that the game looks incredible. Those new official screens must have changed her mind…

  3. True, i guess if you are gonna be upfront that you are making educated guesses its ok, i just don’t like how a lot of her rumours are passed off as fact, when really its not fact, just opinion. And i agree with you on revealing the sources, but i doubt we will ever see this from surfer girl as it will remove all the mysticism, which i feel is her main appeal.

  4. Phil: It’s the original English spelling. “tidbits” is an Americanism, since early Christian American’s were offended by the “tit” in “titbits”. o_O

    Source: Dictionary and Stephen Fry.