Legendary Screen Shot

Publisher Gamecock and developer Spark Unlimited have announced today that “Legendary”, formerly known as “Legendary the Box”, is on schedule and set to hit the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC this summer.

Legendary is a fast paced first person shooter, set in a modern world, with a mythical twist. It tells the story of an art thief by the name of Charles Deckard, who is tricked into a stealing and ultimately unleashing Pandora’s Box.

According to Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited, Legendary is the type of project the company wants to be working on and they believe it is shaping up to be “something amazing”. He also made it clear that they are taking the time necessary to ensure an optimal experience across all systems, which should come as good news to gamers.

“I’m happy to report that the team on Legendary is well on target for a simultaneous multi-platform launch this summer,” said Rick Stults, Console Chief for Gamecock Media Group. “It’s no easy feat to pull this off on a game of this caliber, but Spark Unlimited is a talented group.”

We got our first glimpse of this game at Gamecock’s EiEiO Conference last year, and our own Emily Balistrieri had a chance to preview the title in November as well.