Of All the Mass Effect news (see: DLC and Target Rumor) that’s been popping up lately, this is the only one that shouldn’t surprise. The popular title has officially been announced to hit PC’s in May 2008.

Although, the game will largely offer up the same experience as its console counterpart, it will be optimized and feature fully customizable controls for comfortable mouse and keyboard use.

In addition to the obvious ability to output higher resolutions, Mass Effect for the PC will also include a new decryption mini-game, and curiously enough, a new inventory user interface.

Just how different will this UI be? EA claims “The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.”

One thing we are definitely looking forward to is the addition of user-mods, however EA has yet to comment on how they plan to handle this popular PC game perk. My initial guess would be that it would go the way of Oblivion, but either way, this is good news for PC gamers.

Interested in seeing what the game will look like on the PC? Check out the 8 images we have for you in our image gallery below.