Among the flurry of details released today about Spore, coming September 7th for the PC, one interesting tidbit might have been missed along the way. When you create your custom alien race, spaceship, or vehicles in Spore, you can upload videos of them to your Youtube account with just one click from inside Spore.

The creature customization is easily the most impressive thing about Spore, a game that seems very impressive throughout. While on tour at Maxis Studios, we caught a peek at alien designs that borrowed liberally from some other intellectual properties, from a spaceship that looked like the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, to aliens that looked like Spongebob Squarepants and the cast of South Park.

The ability to share these creations on Youtube with such ease should mean that we’ll see a lot of great customized characters and vehicles. Nearly any types of sci-fi or fantasy vehicles you can think to build, from X-Wings to the USS Enterprise, are possible in Spore. Sharing them online means that while lawyers trying to protect these IPs might get all worked up, there’s no way for other companies to police this content in the same way that City of Heroes was dinged for allowing users to create their own in-game X-Men.

We think this new feature is stunningly disruptive. If you thought that custom Miis were great, like the online videos of diminutive Hitlers and Kim Jong Ils, you haven’t seen anything yet.


  1. spore sucks, ok? I’ve seen it and it’s nothing to get excited about. stop lying to people saying it’s great – you’re head is in a Maxis spin.

  2. Incredible, but I don’t quite understand what will be posted – the creatures themselves, or videos of the creature. Not sure I’d really be interested in seeing videos of what others create, unless they’re really weird or resemble a famous character/celebrity. I’m not so sure it’s videos, seems like it would have a feature to share the character/creature itself – so others could use it.

    Spore definitely looks amazing, I’m not so sure that they can really get sued for what users create – especially since users would be using the in-built tools to create replicas and its more parody then it is trademark or copyright infringement. And parody is protected.

  3. @mastablista

    You may not think that you’ll like the game,but that doesn’t mean it sucks. In my opinion this will be one of the best games of the decade.

  4. ohhhh, so you “played” it?! Well that changes EEEEVERYTHING!.. Here I was thinking Spore would be a great game, but now that I’ve read Mistablista’s incredible in-depth review of the game, I’m definately convinced otherwise… What was I thinking?! What were we ALL thinking? OBVIOUSLY he’s more then qualified to tell us what we do and do not like, so I have hereby changed my oppinion and agree that Spore does indeed suck… Because he said so… Because he played it… *rolls his eyes*

  5. Late comment but i do think there is a distict possibility that the game may go under like Halo3 did for many of my friends man that game really was bland compared to Gears of War.

  6. Biggest fucking disappointment ever. Why couldnt this game stay the super realistic looking creature evolution game the initial videos made it out to be? I don’t even think sims fans would like Spore. You’d have to be learning disabled to enjoy this game

  7. Thanks for agreeing with me – remember where you heard it first last FEB. For more detailed remarks in a less bitterly disappointed tone:
    Spore is dull, the graphics are gimpy and I have not been able to detect any game dynamic at all – except – the best version of this game is the one for mobile phones – good playability. The DS version is a disappointment – like GB advance more than DS. The PC version looks old even before you get it out of the box. I’d be interested to know what Sims afficianados think though.

  8. I play the Sims, Simcity 4 and a lot of sim games. The gameplay in Spore is unchallenging, repetitive and dull. It took them all this time to come up with this game play? Cell stage is pacman, land stage is click the button at the right time, tribal stage is a simplified land stage, civ stage is a very weak build veh, move to mine, take over city thats it, space game is probably the most involved, and interesting. The game lacks any depth or challenge, and will quickly grow boring. Aside from procedural generated content, this game lacks any inovation.
    Shithouse game.

  9. I’ve been playing it for the last few days, it’s not what I was expecting. All the phases are pretty shallow and uninspired. If you enjoy creating content, that’s about all this “game” is good for.

  10. The sad thing is I’d have to agree with everyone saying it sucks, I probably wouldnt go as far as saying sucks, but it does lack in every aspect of gameplay. Shallow would be the best word for it, there is just no depth to the many minigames that make up Spore. Problem is it’ll still be a blockbuster because of EA hipe… If your a die hard gamer tho, I’d say pick up a different game.

  11. It’s a pretty poor game. Purchased it, and found the gameplay to be EXTREMELY lacking. There’s no depth. I managed to get into space in a matter of hours. The actual evolution process happens FAR too quick.

    Make Spore 2, and make it a little difficult to evolve and allow for way more “paths” and it might be an okay game.

    Customizing a boat takes HOURS. But evolving from nest to tribal takes 30 minutes? Bleh. Garbage.

  12. Trust me, i play it for over 6 days now ant it really,really sucks.
    This game would be so great if only not be made by Maxis,trust me,it’s so naive and you’ll pretty easily get bored!!!

  13. What I have a problem with is that its biggest selling point is “evolution”… However, you can TOTALLY change your creature into something COMPLETELY different every time you “evolve”. In other words, you can make a new creature at each so called evolution. This is not evolution, it’s “create a new creature and if you want, have it look like your older creature”. True evolution it is not. Not by a long shot.

  14. I paid $50 for this??? Really disappointed, if my son was still 10 years old he might like it. For me, this is the biggest waste of time I’ve ever shelled out money for.

  15. Man, it really does suck.

    1) Incredibly long, trying registration process. Error, error, error. It drove me nuts. They were totally unprepared to support web-based registration.
    2) During gameplay long, pointless cutscenes where the developers seemed only to want to impress you with their editing skills.
    3) *TERRIBLE* control system
    4) the whole thing had a gimmicky, made for grammer school kids feel to it.

    I quit it. Deleted game. Now I’m pissed off that I wasted $50 due to all the hype.

  16. I agree with the haters.

    I’ve excited for this game ever since I seen it on my pc in early a stages, I wasted 60$ on this POS, I played for 5 days and the ONLY part I actually enjoyed is the Cell,Creature & Partial tribal.

    It completely lacked in every aspect of fun for me, it way to kiddish and was made for children, the space age is when I got up and left the computer, that totally directed the MAIN idea of the game away from the player, which was your creature.

    anyways, I wish I could refund because I would, I advise anyone who hasn’t played the game yet to find someone who has and try theirs, unless your rich then it don’t matter.

    Overall I give this game 3/10 the sims was more interesting then this game.

  17. It really is a shame. Iv been looking forward to spore for so long. I bought it today and im pissed. Pretty boring game and the space stage you feel more like a maid cleaning up messes then anything else. Not worth your money dont waste your time

  18. I agree with mistablista 101%. I’m utterly disappointed with spore. I’ve played flash games with more depth and charm than this trash. Disgusting.

  19. this goes to the guy saying spore sucks:
    #1 you probably only played the demo version which means you didnt get far
    #2 once all the stages are done with the game gets more exciting because you have a whole galaxy to discover and interact with.
    #3 yes the game is not for everyone, but it is a damn great game for the people who like the genre so stfu.
    We Are Legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect Us

  20. #1 played retail version.
    #2 Completed all stages, have basically maxed out my ship and been to the center of the galaxy, where you receive a “gift”…After flying through countless Grox.
    #3 It’s not what it could have been. Obviously you’re just a casual gamer who likes something he can play for a few minutes, mindless entertainment.

    Some of us prefer games with a challenge, or story…This is just a toy.

  21. I waited sooo long for this game! It is one of the worst games I have ever played. “Boring” is too kind a description. I have deleted the game. It is a massive mess. I am an avid Sims player, and not a casual player, and hope lots of people see this so they can save their money. Bleh.

  22. indeed after reading all the comments just a few 10% of this ppl thinks spore as a good game…i’ve played spore until i reached space and stuff and i really think this game lacks of everything…only “aparently” good thing about it its just the creature creating tools before that ,spore is so fkn kiddish and booring, ill keep playing d2…untill maxis thinks about making a real good “sim” game


  23. well everybody, ive bought the spore galatic edition.. its about 70€! it have a poster, a national geographic channel documentary relative to spore, a making of spore dvd, a manual called “The art of spore” with a bunch of cool creations (creatures, cars, planes, etc..), and the GAME it self!.. and you know what? spore SUCKS! the trailers you saw in youtube are a lie, the game its not what it seems, the creature you create at the beggining stage is totally difrent from the final one, the keyboards controls just sucks, the all game is a repetition, at the civilization stage you are playin with cars, planes, and botes, and you dont even notice your creature is still in the world! im not a nerd, or even a games addicted.. but ive started the game at 12.00 .. and the funny part is that 2 hours later i was already at the civilization stage.. and my creature was TOTALLY diferent from the fisrt one ive created, inculing color, the vertebral column, the eyes, head etc..! the reason why people think the game rocks is the creature creator part.. and even that part sucks.. if you reach the civilization stage and you dont unlock all the parts of the creature creator (wich are fkin hard too find) you cant create the creature with the parts you want!!! at the tribal part the only purpse is too get food, and put down your enemys.. you can pass that part in 30 mints!!! you dont evolve.. you need to adapt to the limitations of the game wich are MANY! the cell stage is the best, but it seems like pacman..well! im tired of talking so the last thing i say that this game its a waste of money! believe me and all the persons in this forum! thanks.

  24. Nothing is worse than the Space phase. Every two seconds you get an alert because your retarded civilization can’t fend for itself.

    They may as well have named that phase intergalactic babysitter. I tried some cheats to disable the pirate attacks, didn’t even work.

    Good job Will, can’t wait to see how bad The Sims 3 will suck.

  25. Ok, I’m sorry but I need to debate some of the things people are posting about Spore…

    First off: yes, it’s possible that your final creature can look completely different than when you started out. But, that’s your choice! If it looks completely different it’s because you made it look completely different, you didn’t have to. That has nothing to do with the game developers and cannot be used as a bad aspect of the game. If you’re upset about that be upset with yourself for doing it…

    Second: true, the first stages of the game (cell, creature, tribal) can go by fairly quickly, but if it does it’s because you chose to move on to the next stage. The game doesn’t force you to. You can stay in the cell stage and in the creature stage to find new parts for your creature, evolve your creature more, and explore the world and interact with the other creatures. I don’t really see any reason to stay in tribal stage though because it seems like there’s not much to it and once you can move on there’s really nothing else to do.

    Third: Some of you are saying that the game is not challenging. Have you killed an Epic Creature in the creature stage? Those things have 1,000 hp while you would be lucky if your creatures get much more than 100 and on top of that the Epics can kill you in one hit. If that isn’t challenging then you rock. That is only one of the achievements you can get in the game. There are plenty achievements for each stage and you can find a list of them on gamefaqs.com.

    I do enjoy spore but there are some things about the game that could be changed to make it better.

    For one, the controls change as you progress through each stage which I find very annoying and confusing.

    Two, once you progress past tribal stage you don’t interact with your creature that you spent so long creating anymore. You control vehicles instead. I don’t mind controlling the vehicles but I think you should still be able to control your creatures as well.

    Three, after you progress to the space stage you can’t control any of the vehicles you made in the civilization stage anymore. You can only control your space ship.

    Also the game can get repetitive at times but overall I think it’s fun. Anyways thats my opinion about spore, it’s not for everyone, especially people who only like action and sports games. but for people who like strategy sim games, you will probably enjoy Spore.

  26. Game sucks! Crashes every 20 minutes or so. Requires installation of EA downloader to get updates. Installation of EA downloader requires acceptance of User Agreement, which in turn gives EA permission to fish through your computer for whatever reason they want. To buggy, to invasive, and game play isn’t that much fun. Sorry I paid good money for this.

  27. It totaly fails… nothing like the big review said it would be O_o spore is a fog of false advertising in making players think it actually has a depth… the thing is: nothing you do in the previous stage matters when you advance to the next… thats not the way evolution goes O_o.

  28. @Danny

    Woah, woah, woah, your saying it is our choice to make the creature completely different? If you are to get through the creature stage, you HAVE to get all the stupid-looking CRAP to survive…. err… “win” Also, why can’t we have a sea creature? That would be awesome, if it were an MMO. I mean…. you start in the sea…. but if you try to go back…. a HUGE “Lizard Man” (looks like it’s out of Hanna Barbarra kinda) eats you. Meaning, you can’t cross a channel, or even a slightly large Lagoon.
    The cell stage seemed o.k., but has little to do with later on. (except for those “Special Abilities” which make no sense to me) The creature stage reminds me too well of “WoW” (World of Warcraft) which is a game that will break your liking of ANY game that requires grinding. I got a few choice words about WoW, but I’ve learned to keep them to myself (tooth falls out) ANYWHO, I won’t talk about the tribal stage or the Civ. stage except that they should have taken pointers from “Sid Meyer’s Alpha Centauri” THE SPACE STAGE seems so pointless…. there’s no goal…. no fascinating things…. looks like they put more work into the variations of alien dialogue than the Galaxy, AND STOP CALLING IT A UNIVERSE MAXIS…..dam And did you notice there can be only one moon for any planet/ gas planet? Doesn’t jupiter have like 16? err… excuse me… “Satellites” (theres only one “Moon”) and what about nebulas? arne’t those gasses floating around? I don’t know my strology very well, but I thot nebulas are abundant. I could swear I remember a video of Spore showing a crocodile-like animal floating around in the water…. or was that more of their BULL @&$* !!
    And what about dinosaurs, and birds? I SOOO wanted to be a bronc-he….o….saurus (however its spelled) but I could only get as tall as say a….. rather small Giraffe. (around the end of the creature stage of course, they made it opposite of how it happened on earth, you start small and get a little bigger, whereas it would seem for the Dinosaurs they were small (cells) then became big (dinos) then get F****d up by an asteroid, and become small. Let’s see… what else…. did I mention how pointless the space stage seems? theres no waves, no mountains, no flowers, (check me on that) no flowing water, no snow, no sleet, no hail, no rain, (did I miss the rain? that should be a given for any game) (tons of “spice geysers” tho) only 9 species of plant or animal, although it didn’t seem like that in the creature stage. I would love to see this game and star wars combined into an online stategy real-time war game/ whatever game.

    WHAT I LIKE ABout it… the “suns” (stars); how they look. I thot they looked nice. I like the look and sound of planets that are too close to the “star” (lava planets) and I liked it even more when they play that one music to it. (the one with the steady onset of a sound, a music often played to make things seem transcendent) I liked some of the dialogue of alien races. I liked artifacts. I thought that was a nice, however irrelated, addition to the game. I liked the bombs, but instead of a “Pay-load” it just consumes energy, but, meh, whatever, its offline, so wtf ever

  29. Whoops, pressed tab and enter, I meant to say

    #1 I never played the Demo

    #2 You call that exciting? Really? please open my eyes to your way of thinking. I would love to live in such bliss!

    #3 AND JUST WHAT GENRE IS IT? what previous game would fit in that genre? MR ANONYMOUS! (seriously, recommend some games to me) I’ll give the game original, but it’s a mess. After they spent alot of time and money on it, they probably noticed it was a mess, and that all the testers would not stop complaining. SO they figured they would pour the rest of their cash into advertising AND ADVERTISE THEY DID (mostly web at first, but when you got the game and found out how bad it sucks, they play the commercial on EVERY channel as if to say “HAHA, YOU FELL FOR IT! THANKS FOR THE $50! AND THE $100 FOR THOSE DUM POSs THAT BOUGHT THE “Galactic Edition” (me) SO LONG!”

  30. spore have no sence, too much advertising!!! if spore were a photo, i would say he have too much PHOTOSHOP ON HIM! the trailers are so fakes! my god! i just cant believe, 70€ into this game! you know what?!?!?! the best part is the poster! the worst its the game himself! forget spore! i just dont wanna thnk about it! ive played spore for 3 hours, and i was already BORED about him!

  31. Have to put in my two cents here as well.

    Simply put, Spore is by far one of the worst games ever developed in the history of PC games.

    For someone as creative and ingenious as Will Wright who’s been responsible for huge titles like Sim City and the Sims this game is awful.

    My Qualms:

    1. The space stage. Composing of probably 80% of the entire content of the game, yet ONLY ONE SPACESHIP!?!? I’m pretty sure “The Grox” don’t roll around the galaxy in one space ship in face if you play the game to the end you’ll spend your time doing nothing but running from them.

    2. The space stage CONT. Why wasn’t more depth and variation added to this part of the game. When my civilization evolved to this stage I couldn’t wait, expecting to create multiple fleets of ships, star fighters, and more mother ships to conquer the galaxy……but alas.

    3. Outfits: Again this game falls short in terms of graphical appeal. The outfits do not allow enough flexibility and shouldn’t cost you more money once you’ve purchased the first one. The gameplay is simply awful.

    4. Enemies: The tribal and civilization stages just aren’t long enough. Our world has spanned over 2,000 years and the game goes from tribal to space in less then an hour or two. It just doesn’t add up, WAY too simplistic and WAY too fast.

    Final Thoughts:

    For all the EA Hype surrounding this game I should have seen this coming. Another lackluster game from “EAxis” with Will Wright laughing all the way to the bank while the hardcore Simcity and Sims fans are left in the dust waving our Spore Boxes in a fit of rage.

    Rating: 3/10

    Pros: Cell Stage is fun, creature stage is appealing.
    Cons: Too simplistic and boring. Space stage lacks depth and creativity.

  32. Plays like a flash game. Once you’ve played through once there is absolutely no reason to play again, variation in creatures is almost purely asthetic and at later stages you don’t even see your creature anymore so it’s all pointless…

  33. You all think it is such a sucky game, but to tell you, I’ve played all the sim games the sim city games and even a special sim game and to me spore has them all trumped, This is the best game I’ve seen yet. tu stalte bean heads.