We hit you with some initial info and screens of Abel, the most recently announced Street Fighter IV Character just a few short hours ago thanks to some Famitsu scans — but wait there’s more.

Capcom just sent us a grab bag of additional content for this giant man in blue, and we feel like sharing. Have at the official bio, art, and several new in game screens after the jump.

ABEL – A Man With No Past
With no memory of his past, this young man has no choice but to move forward, using any clue he can get his hands on to rout out what may be left of Shadaloo. His fighting style represents a mix of multiple martial arts. Though he appears gruff and unfriendly on the surface, he is not the misanthrope he seems to be. His serious and polite nature is easy to misinterpret as indifference, but these still waters run deep indeed.

I not exactly sure how I feel about introducing a man with no memory of his past, but hey — I’m so excited about getting my hands on this game in a few days, that I could honestly care less if they said he was a former American Idol reject. [album=13]