French PS3 fansite Play3-Live, has uploaded scans from the March issue of the French Playstation Magazine that take the veil off the previously unannounced game Damnation, and gives us a deeper look at Recoil: Retrograd.

With Ripten’s ranks not including a Frenchman, what you are about to read is in large part comprised of Babelfish and Google translations. Scans and information to follow.

Damnation is an action game developed by Blue Omega and published by Codemasters. According to Play3-Live, we should expect some unusually large levels, in addition, it is being reported that we may be able to get our hands on this this title around winter time of this year.

The main character is super-athlete of sorts, with ‘Spirit Vision’, an ability that allows him to see the will of his foes – it’ll essentially help players strategize before fights.

Recoil: Retrograde, originally a PC exclusive, is a third-person action-adventure game, created by Morten Iversen. In addition to being the CEO of ZeitGuyz (the development studio working on the game) Morten is also known for his work as the scribe behind the popular Hitman series.

In a war-torn world where humans have managed to manipulate time, David Artman, the games protagonist and resident ‘chrono-assassin’, must travel to the past to fix the present.

While the concept looks promising, many of the games specifics are still under wraps. What we do know though, is that developer ZeitGuyz has their sites on the PS3, and is aiming for a 2010/2011 release.


Source: Play3-Live