If (like me) BioShock was your game of last year, then this fan made artwork may just help tide you over until the prequel, BioShock 2, starts to propagate the web with official art and news. Created by Ben Mauro as part of his Architecture course, which concentrated on the scenes and environments, the artwork paints a very organic and familiar scene.

Keeping the same steam-punk feel from the original game, the pictures show Mauro’s vision of BioShock 2 — giant metal whale and all.

The pictures could be any old industrial environment, until you spot the iconic Big Daddy, from then on, the pictures take on a much more familiar tone. Imagining little sisters innocently wondering around, Andrew Ryan building his empire or Dr. Tennenbaum nearing completion of her research into ADAM — I can almost taste Rapture.

Ok, maybe I’m just getting a little too excited over this artwork, but I think I just found my desktop background for the next few months.


Source: Perpetual Motion, Mauro’s blog


  1. @ Seth, on the guy’s site he talks about how the project is themed around BioShock 2. As well as the clear style similarities there is also an iconic Big Daddy in the Whale picture.

  2. This is some awesome work, Great job! But I have to disagree that this would follow BioShocks theme. To me, it hardly looks like its set back in the 50’s which I really enjoied running through trying to get Big Daddy and reading all the ads and what-not. The theme I see from your art is more of an industry-styled game.

  3. @ Johan L. I have to agree with you, I love the gigantic metal whale thing, but the rest was more fitting in a Half-life 2 environment, and not Bioshock. As far as i remember, Rapture WAS a happy, very very happy place where people just cared about what to eat and who to date. There’s no hint of art-deco here. Still like it tho, maybe for another game.