It is not too often that we get to report genuinely uplifting, and all around “happy” news, but we just received an email from the 2K Games community manager, responsible for Bioshock, inquiring about how they may reach the artist behind the amazing Bioshock 2 fan art we shared with you yesterday.

2K Games shared that they “really loved” the post and wanted to track down the artist responsible in order to thank him directly. We spoke to Ben a few minutes ago to share the news, and it’s safe to say that he was very happy.

The talented artist, with one year of college remaining, appears to have a very bright future ahead of him. Ben has agreed to chat with us and you can bet your little sister that we will keep you updated on this story as things evolve.



  1. We get the commission of knowing we helped a talented kid get a gig with a great company. Now get back to work you little buggers — we have more news to report!!


  2. wow thats amazing…news that a developer/publisher took a little time to thank its own fans….this is Mike J from Running With Scissors…reguardless of what you may think of the games we make, we showcase fans art monthly and we even distribute our fans modifications….way to go 2K!

  3. Congratulations on getting the nod from 2K. I tried applying there for a beta testing job last year, but no dice. Then again, you’re getting recognized for talent and I tip my hat to you. The only thing I would have liked to see from Rapture is a Zoo. Plasmids + wild animals = insanity!

    I digress, again, congratulations!

  4. wow, that is so true, quite a rare event

    i would love to have that happen to me from just one piece, unfortunately the rest of us not so very talented people must work hard to achieve employment in the gaming industry

    the best way for this to happen is to enter lots of CG competitions and hope you win one :p i’ve only won one small competition and even that got me 3-4 job offereings (although, they were ones that were pretty much inaccesable)