The first trailer for Motorstorm 2 will be revealed to public eyes at 6pm GMT.  Sadly reports tell us that it’s going to be CG, but tell us what you think about this first teaser image.

The first Motorstorm performed decently in comparison to its infamous CG unveiling, reaching much of the feel of the original trailer, if not perfectly the graphics.  Racing games do not shy from CG trailers, with DiRT having its first unveiling in this manner.

It is rumoured that there was going to be ingame footage shown of Evolutions upcoming racer, but Sony want to hold it back just a tad longer.  So all we’ll have is a trailer showing us new vehicles and environments.  Motorstorm 2 will stray from the desert and enter into lush jungles and tropical islands. 

Until clocks strike 6pm GMT, all we can offer you is the above  teaser image.  Mmm green.

Source: Neogaf


  1. aaaaargh, that advert is ANNOYING. That “Crime 360” one whatever that is. Some kind of joke in there I think but never mind.

    Very nice pic though. Can we expect the 3rd to be in an Urban setting? :o)