News coming straight in from Play.com Live in Wembley stadium is final confirmation that Haze will eternally be a Playstation 3 exclusive.

The full game is playable at the event – that’s right, the full game and Kev Lochun will be giving a preview this weekend. It’s looking clean and sharp, and overdosing on Nectar is a pleasing yet disorientating experience.

While playing through the game we got speaking to two independent Ubisoft reps. When asking both on whether the game will ever come out for the Xbox 360, they said in a resolute fashion that the game is not just a PS3 timed exclusive, but will never make its way onto any other platform.

This result is apparently a recent decision, but final. Sony must have paid Ubisoft/Free Radical a nice little packet to bag this one.


  1. Great news. I can’t wait to play Haze. It’s about time a good shooter includes co-op splitscreen since CoD4 & UT3 developers were too lazy to do so.

  2. How then is it a timed exclusive? Is it a timed exclusive if it’s never going to any platform? Isn’t it just… exclusive?

  3. This is good news, PS3 could use more games, I’ve been looking forward to Haze for a long time and this sounds great to me.

    Haze has so many elements never before seen in an FPS I’m just so excited.

  4. im just glad to see Sony actually paying money to get some exclusives. i hate exclusives in theory, but i do realize they need to do something to draw people to the console. hopefully Haze turns out good.

  5. Free Radical Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It was originally “exclusive”, which was presumed to be a timed exclusive. This appears to not be the case from the two Ubisoft reps we spoke to.

  7. Why is it good news that it’s exclusive? No matter what console it comes on, most gamers have more than one console anyway so it makes no different. I’d say must gamers own two consoles then three. Makes me laugh…:)

  8. Paying for talent isn’t Sony’s style. We all know who has to buy their talent. You’ve gotta make up for lacking hardware somehow.

  9. I wish this (fairly generic looking) shooter will just come out on the PS3, be good or bad, I don’t care, but just already be done with so we all can enjoy some Time Splitters 4.

    I love Free Radical, but I expected a little more with Haze, it is taking too long for what it is offering for shooters.

    (Side note: Smart move though when you think about it, keep it on PS3 where the competition in the FPS department is slim, on the 360 this thing wouldn’t make a blip on the Xbox live activity charts)

  10. Exclusivity is good news because in the case of a good dev, the potential for the game is increased.

    Games designed and optimized for one console can in most cases be higher quality than games designed for two systems in mind.

    This game was canceled for other platforms and they will have much more time to concentrate on the Ps3 version (obviously).

    Many gamers do own more than one console, I used too, but my xbox 360 got one red light, error E74 and I don’t plan on getting another one.

  11. Screw Xbox (Microsoft), Did you see them sharing Halo with PS3 gamers? Hell no, I liked Halo and would have gladly bought it, but I prefer PS3 for the superior gaming experience and internet browsing and so many more things that xbox can’t offer. To Xbox.. sorry but Karma is a bi@tch!

  12. THANK GOD IT ISN’T COMING TO THE 360 !! This game is such a big piece of crap that it makes me shoot myself! Have you seen the reviews ?!?!? Gamespot: 6, IGN: 4.5, GameTrailers: 6.2… I rest my case and again THANK GOD!

  13. I’ve been waiting for this game forever now. Was hoping it wouldn’t become a PS3 exclusive but ohwell. The graphics look really sharp and gameplay seems amazing. Hope the hype isn’t for nothing.

  14. @ Nightly Howls

    What? Comparing the Halo SERIES to the game Haze is like comparing gold to the jewelry you get from a vending machine at a grocery store. Honestly, most 360 gamers couldn’t care less about getting a mediocre, uninspired port. This is for the best. We’ll keep our Halo, you keep your Haze.

    I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of Killzone 2, though. :D