Unreal Tournament 3

Steam has just announced that virtually the entire Unreal collection has made its way onto the Steam train. Brick and mortar stores everywhere must be going insane.

This actually is a little Unreal – get it? Okay, okay, I’ll stop. But in all seriousness, will this ever end? Valve’s Steam initiative has been giving us stuff to report on an almost eerie regular basis.

To celebrate the launch of Epic on Steam, all games will be priced down 10%. If you’ve been on the fence, thinking about grabbing some UT3 for yourself, there may not be a better time than this – but there’s no rush, because the offer is good until March 24th, 2008.

Maybe you’ve been a long time Unreal fan, and you just want to ditch your disks. If that’s you, then you can purchase the “Unreal Deal Pack”, which includes every Unreal game to date – not to be confused with Unreal Engine powered games – available for purchase for $59.95, and if you grab it before March 24th it’ll run you a sweet $53.95.

Surprisingly enough, Steam isn’t getting any love from the Blaznatz camp of Epic and no mention is made of Gears of War hitting Steam, neither now nor in the future. Most likely due to the clusterfuck that is the Games for Windows initiative, chances are Microsoft has exclusive publishing rights to Gears of War, on the PC and 360.

It’s a shame.

Source: Steam