Prey 2 art

As the not-very-ambiguous headline hints we’ve been told that the embargo has lifted and we know bring you the official confirmation of Prey 2 and its existence, this is as official as it gets, kids. Hit the break for more info and high-res concept art.
I believe it’s safe to call Prey a franchise now with this announcement, especially when you consider that it was among the first FPS’ to establish its foothold in this generation of consoles.

That’s right, more vaginal doorways for us all! As if it wasn’t expected– I mean, the ending of Prey itself proclaimed “Prey will continue…” and it wasn’t lying.

We’re told that the sequel, as you would expect, will build and expand on the established plot and original game mechanics, such as gravity altering and portal technology. Human Head studios are at the helm of Prey 2’s development and it’s slated to hit the PC and Xbox 360, just as the original did.

The original Prey and its aforementioned sequel surely have great ideas behind them, but that’s just it — as of now they are ideas, nothing more. I don’t mean to pull any punches and I don’t mean that in a cold-hearted, snarky manner, but more like an inquisitive one.

To quote Paul Wedgewood, the Creative Director of Splash Damage (makers of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory), “I’ve learned the hard way that ideas are cheap. Naturally, the more time you invest in the study of game design, the easier it gets to have great ideas. But it’s the actual execution that’s so important and expensive.”

If Human Head can indeed execute on their ideas – and we have no reason to believe otherwise, it’ll surely make us all happy to be gamers.