Japan’s Famitsu magazine carries within it some long-awaited Resident Evil 5 info this week. Could this be the first indication of the title’s big reveal?

At the beginning of this year, conservatives seemed to think that it was unlikely RE5 would make it out in 2008. However, murmurs have begun to rumor that it will make a surprise appearance…this fall.

The new info isn’t extensive, but there is a video on the Capcom 25th Anniversary DVD included with the magazine that has a brief interview and shows the game up and running in a few short clips. You can even watch it here:

The featured gameplay takes place in a bright village locale– thought to be Africa– and looks to be based closely on RE4. Melee and context specific actions will return.

The game is definitely looking sharp and Capcom, in a slick move, may be sneaking up on us with this one.

Source: 1UP


  1. I am extremely disappointed by this. I was really hoping you’d be able to walk and aim/shoot at the same time. I absolutely hate that they make you stop in your tracks every time you want to shoot something.

    It’s not hard. Just use left analog to move and right analog to aim. That was the one thing that bothered me about RE4, and I cannot believe they didn’t fix it (at least it looks that way from the video).

  2. I disagree. Perhaps it’s not something they feel needs fixing. I prefer aiming with the left analog stick, much better accuracy.

    RE is not Halo, Gears or any other FPS (of 1st person or 3rd perspective). It’s about tension, fear, being surrounded, trapped. I enjoy the pacing.

    Maybe it’s not your thing, but few specifics are known about the game at this point anyway.

  3. I get that they want to up the suspense, but I can’t stand that they remove movement all together. They could just make accuracy drop while your moving, or slow your pace down a little. It’s just something thats always bothered me about the series. I got it when they had cinematic camera, but there is no need for it with the over the shoulder perspective.

    “Cold Fear” is a good example of what I thought RE should do (I played it before RE4, which may explain my hatred of the RE4 gameplay). There’s still suspense, but its easier to move around and you can be more methodical. You can aim and sidestep around corners instead of just running into stuff because you can’t aim and move.

    It may just be me though, and I agree that I may be jumping the gun. You can’t really see that much in the seconds of gameplay that they show you.