The ever valiant Joseph Kucan, the former director who portrays Kane, is back in a more central role than ever in the expansion Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath. This game just dropped yesterday – but those of you that are followers are probably aware of this and are playing right now, instead of reading the news about it here, right?

Kane’s Wrath 13-mission single-player campaign focuses on the reemergence of Nod (one of the primary factions in the game); so that means it goes all the way from the end of Tiberium Sun to the aftermath of the third Tiberium War (i.e. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars).

It includes two sub-factions for each of the three main factions, which remain intact. The GDI have the GDI-Steel Talons: an armor (tank and vehicle) based GDI variant along with GDI-ZOCOM: an infantry focused approach to GDI tactics.

The aliens known as the Scrin that appeared near the end of Command and Conquer 3 will receive the Scrin-Reaper 17: a ground pounding assault force at the expense of the aerial domination that they were previously known for and Scrin-Traveler 59, which contains mind controlling units and cheap air power as their gimmick.

Last, and certainly not least, the Kane-lead Nod faction will have NOD-Black Hand, a mainly infantry based variant with some brute force impact armor, at the cost of air and stealth units. NOD-Marked of Kane, in sharp contrast to the aforementioned sub-faction, has an emphasis on stealth and exotic arms.

Along with a new mode dubbed Global Conquest Mode “which allows commanders to create their own campaigns for world domination with an infinitely replayable strategic layer added to the frenzied, tactical combat they know and love.” Make of that what you will.

Speaking of frenzied, tactical combat that C&C fans love, with the purchase of Kane’s Wrath, you’ll be also be eligible for a Red Alert 3 beta, which will be “due for release later in 2008!”, so even if you hate the Tiberium Wars saga, there’s something to buy it for.

The same completely laughable FMV segments which I won’t laugh at, not because I don’t think that they’re funny, but I’m sure everyone else already has, are back in full force with Joseph Kucan playing attention-whore Kane, along with Carl Lumbly of Alias fame and Natasha Henstridge from recent ABC show Eli Stone.

On paper, this seems like a great expansion for those who loved the original, which should be the demographic for an expansion. Let’s hope for at least one more of these before Red Alert 3 drops. As previously mentioned, it released on PC yesterday, and is slated for a 360 release on June 23 which boasts interface improvements that “takes RTS console controls to a whole new level of simplicity and usability.”