We just received an email from Activision’s PR department containing 9 new screenshots of their upcoming DLC map pack for the hit game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, due to hit XBL on April 10th. The four maps included in the pack are Kill Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown, and Killhouse.

The maps themselves offer a good variety and all the detail you have come to expect from Infinity Ward. Kill Creek and Broadcast are featured in the majority of the screens, however from what little we have seen of Killhouse and Chinatown, they look pretty interesting as well.



  1. i hope we are getting these maps for free yes they look good but iam not paying money for four new maps iam sure iam not the only gamer that feels the same. do these company think us gamers are made of money its about time we got something for nothing we pay enough for the games

  2. It’s gonna be $10 (or 800 Microsoft points for xbox). I think they should release it for free too, especially since 2 of the maps are basically from campaign, but what can you do. I’ll definitley be getting them anyway.

    It could be worse, you could have to pay for extra weapons like Battlefield: Bad Company (5 of the 10 weapons are DLC apparently). Fudge that, I’m boycotting that game.

  3. Correction: There are more than 10 weapons in Battlefield, I’m not sure where I heard that. There are like 20 + the 5 extra.

  4. i aggree with trevor. i hope that we are getting these maps for free. cos i am not paying extra money. my friend has got them and said he didn’t have to pay anything, so i hope i don’t have to. They better be good!