Harvey Birdman game

Harvey Birdman is the latest of the edgy Adult Swim videogames following the Aqua Teen Hunger Force game. A former superhero turned defense attorney, Harvey Birdman, and all of his super-villains, have decided to make an amusing career change. Now Birdman finds himself in several weird cases, putting on trial the people who were blackmailed into trying to murder him.

The game itself plays like a videogame version of Law & Order. Birdman has his trusty friends to help him not look like an idiot, like his pet eagle Avenger and sidekicks Peanut and Birdgirl.

The people you battle in court are weird and crazy, like a man with a shrink gun, a robot with freezing powers, and a man with a strange speech impediment. One of the judges is a caveman with a Texas accent. A tall green person who can read your mind gets annoying when he says what you’re going to say it before you can even say it.

The game itself has its frustrating moments where it’s hard to say the right thing or present the right piece of evidence. If you have this happen too many times, you have to start the level all over again, but this can also add a nice bit of difficulty at times.

I watch this show whenever I can on Adult Swim, which is why I bought the game. If you watch or like this show I would have to recommend you take a look at this game. However, if you know nothing of Harvey Birdman, I really can’t say you should buy this game, unless you want to waste an afternoon’s worth of time and have a few laughs in the process.