GameStop has been given the cue to reveal the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition goodies that you’ll be staring at before you rip the case open, shove the disc in, and try to see which of the 500 endings you’ll be ogling. GameStop has also, I believe, confirmed the ship date to be October 7th, 2008.

First and foremost, I’m fairly certain that this’ll be the first time you’ll find yourself carrying a lunch box home since elementary school or so. Said box is called the Vault-Tec Lunch Box and it will replace your usual tin-can that most game’s Limited/Special/Collector’s editions come with – probably the “coolest” box since the Legendary Halo 3.


What’s included? A standard, but still fairly interesting “Making of” DVD, a hardcover art book featuring over 100 pages of concept art accompanied by commentary from Bethesda artists, along with a nifty little bobblehead of the Vault Boy. You can pluck that right on your dashboard, that way when you’re driving to work or have to do something stupid like hang out with the family, you can be reminded of what you’d much rather be doing. Nifty, huh?

Of course, when you want awesome, it comes at a price. In this case, it’ll run you an extra $20 markup from each platform’s respective standard edition.

Source: GameStop via Kotaku


  1. i didnt even finish Elder Scrolls: Oblivion but i am still getting this game looks even better .500 ending lets hope i make it to the end.

  2. Why is his name Vault Boy now? didn’t it used to be Pip Boy? Fallout Fans, vouch for me.

    and i’m totally buying this.