“Huh? Say that again…”

There was always hope Heavenly Sword would give birth to a sequel that was “bigger and better than ever before.” At least that’s what we thought when we received a batch of new concept art from Ninja Theory. Not only were our hopes dashed, but they’ve now been pummeled into believing there will never be a Heavenly Sword sequel.  Nariko is dead.

Prompted by a barrage of disappointed fans over Ninja Theory’s announcement that their next game is a multiplatform new IP, IT Manager “Peonic” gave them even more bad news:

We’re not abandoning HS just on a whim because we want to go off and do something different – there’s a great huge raft of reasons behind us taking the direction we are – and it’s also the nature of the business that I’m not allowed to share any of those reasons with you

As for the ‘you’re just not doing HS2 NOW’ comments – well one thing you learn in this industry is that you never say ‘Never’. So I’m not going to say we’ll “never” go back and make HS2 – but it’s something I personally see as extremely unlikely.

So there you have it, Ninja Theory have abandoned Heavenly Sword and a sequel is unlikely.  This is most likely due to perceived poor sales, despite recently reaching platinum status.

The following words from Ninja Thoery founder Nina Kristensen, stated before we knew an eventural sequel was unlikely, sheds some light on the decision:

Well, with Kung-Fu Chaos, we worked exclusively with Microsoft; with Heavenly Sword, we worked exclusively with Sony. And it’s really a time for us to go cross-platform, so we ultimately turned it down. As a studio, we feel it’s the right thing to do. It makes things more commercially viable – and as an indie we have to be very commercially aware. It was great to work with Sony and get really intimate with the PS3 hardware; going forwards, that positions us to execute things properly on both PS3 and 360.

Sadly Heavenly Sword 2 can’t be a multiplatform title, since the IP is owned by SCE.  Peonic goes on to hypothise that Sony could take on the series themselves:

As to whether SCE decide to get someone else in to extend the franchise – well that, as the IP owner, would be completely up to them.

We’re sure the game wouldn’t be the same without Ninja Theory, so we’re all set to be blown away by their new IP and will reluctantly forget about the planned Heavenly Sword trilogy.

Source: Ninja Theory Forums, Next-Gen.biz


  1. Could care less w/ God of War 3 in the works. Heavenly Sword/Ninja Theory didn’t even met the standard set by God of War 2/Sony Santa Monica; be it the graphical, gameplay, or storytelling components.
    Atleast NT can spread their butter-of-mediocrity over more than one slice of bread this time.

  2. Boon: Got to disagree with you about both graphical and storytelling elements. NT had Sony beat there.

    HS still remains to be some of the best tech/graphics on the PS3, and still has the best facial animation in any game to date.

  3. I was hoping for good news regarding sequels to this much under appreciated game by Ninja Theory but now I’m deeply crushed by their announcement of abandoning this game. IMO I think SCE should consider developing this game with their own in house game developer with something along the God of War line. No matter who develop it I still want sequels to Heavenly Sword. The game had won my following. I hope this respect and admiration will continue for a long time to come.

  4. I agree. Needs a sequel. In my opinion, I felt the fighting / counter system was better than GOW. Storyline was pretty good (not GOW good). Was the 1st game to use the sixaxis wisely, made for some really fun cannon segments. 8 hours was way too short however. Id hoped we’d get a second version that was 2 times the size and with even better graphics.
    All in all an excellent game, would really be too bad if Sony didn’t pick it up.

  5. I was sad to hear that they aren’t making a sequel to heavenly sword. I know Nariko is dead, but couldn’t they make a prequel, or bring her back somehow? I know it’s similar to GOW but I never really got into that series. I really enjoy Heavenly sword.

  6. The storyline was already set out for the next two games, so that wasn’t a problem. They just aren’t making it.

  7. Yeah that’s definitely true….I don’t know why I wrote that. I still wish they were making more heavenly sword.

  8. It really is sad were not going to get a second Heavenly Sword. Its seems that “Company's” worry about what brings more money than actualy what makes us gamers happy.

  9. Not going to lie, I'm flat-out disgusted on this one. There has to be a measure of honesty in the interactions between a producer and a consumer, and Ninja Theory told us that HS2 was coming, was practically inevitable. They made us a promise, and they've broken that promise. And they don't seem to feel any remorse over that.

    I don't really care WHAT they come out with from now on– they won't get my patronage. Ninja Theory has lost my trust, and they have lost my money. I'm willing to gamble that the second loss hits them harder.