Yes, I’m British. I spell “rumour” with two u’s. What U going to do about it? Well hopefully you’ll have no time to do anything, because either you’ll be embedded in Snake’s final mission on the Playstation 3, or engrossed in one of Snake’s first on the Xbox 360.

Yes, with knowledge comes…well, snappy Ripten headings, and this time it could read; “Metal Gear Solid Coming to the Xbox 360.” At least, not in the form you might expect. As we all know MGS4 couldn’t possibly fit on a measley DVD, but Metal Gear Solid 1 might fit into 350mb (though even that’s questionable.)

Indeedy do, MGS may be following its tactical steps onto the Japan PSN Store by infiltrating Xbox Live Arcade. This is not too surprising, since the series has made its way onto non-Playstation consoles a number of times, and Microsoft even published MGS for the PC release.

I expect you’re asking how we know, or who our source is. Lets just say a reliable individual tapped into our codec frequency after spying the game on a certain pre-release network. We shall say no more – nudge nudge, wink wink – except this; there are problems in bringing Kojima’s masterpiece to this new playing field.

Naturally, rumours can turn out to be false, so we’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

*Update* – Some have responded rather violently to this story, so I must mention a few words of solace. This was posted as rumour, not fact. Nor is the rumour itself any challenge to PlayStation fans. I am not talking of Metal Gear Solid 4 being ported to the Xbox 360, but a 10 year old classic that has found its way onto a number of platforms, with Microsoft themselves publishing the PC conversion.

Of course, it’s hard to understand how MGS1 could fit into 350mb due to the lengthy dialogue, but it wouldn’t be surprising for Microsoft to make an exception.

I originally withheld our evidence due to possible difficulties, but after the response I will spell it out. MGS was spied by our contact on PartnerNet, the developers-only Xbox Live network used to beta-test unreleased downloadable Xbox 360 games.

Moreover, we’ve reported on rumours in the past and have mostly been proved correct. One notable example was our article on MGS4 using a 50GB Blu-ray, which was subsequently sourced around the web and on the infamous Neogaf forums. The news was finally confirmed by Ryan Payton in the following week’s Kojima Productions Report.

Of course rumours may offend you, for which this story is not of interest, but if they do interest you, we’re pretty confident in our sources this time.


  1. wow just reading the comments tells me there is a hell of alot of ps3 nerds and fanboys. This is a rumor that probably isn’t true. Calm down you xbox haters seriously, you are embarassing the video game community

  2. I usually take these rumours with a grain o salt. This one is particulary difficult to believe not because we’re talking about a game that has been ported to numerous consoles but for the mere fact that – for anyone with a bit of common sense – Metal Gear Solid 1 on XboxLA could mean nothing else than an introduction to the series for Xbox 360 owners in an effort to hype up a future port of Metal Gear Solid 4. Otherwise, it would be some kind of bitter joke to the Xbox fanbase.

    By the way, the game (MGS4) doesn’t need to fit in one DVD. If PS3 owners can bear an 1-3 minute installation after each chapter, Xbox 360 owners can live with disc swapping instead. It’d be even less annoying in my opinion.

  3. I owned a PS2 and an Xbox, and I enjoyed both equally. I currently own a 360 and have seen no reason to own a PS3. It just doesn’t have the game library to justify the purchase of the console. Lets be honest, in terms of exclusives, all I can think of are:
    1. Warhawk
    2. Ratchet and Clank
    3. I’ll put Resistance on here because I’m sure fanboys will lynch me if I dont, but its laughable that its on here.
    4. Drakes/Heavenly Sword. I put them together because neither is long enough to be considered a full game IMO (8 hours or less)
    5. MGS4

    I have considered purchasing a PS3 for MGS4, but even if i did I think I’d play through it then the PS3 would start collecting dust. Ausbo is right though, I’m almost scared owning one will turn me into a drooling PS3 fanboy retard desperately trying to justify mommy’s waste of a christmas present.

  4. @ps34life

    Not to sound rude, but your just WRONG. since Playstation Launch, The MGS series has been ported out of the brand’s systems. Metal gear solid 1 was originally out for Playstation1, years after remade for Nintendo Gamecube as MGS: The Twin Snakes. Metal Gear solid 2 was originally planned for Playstation2, but not too much later from the lauch of the game, it was once again ported to other systems: PC and Xbox to be more precise, in the form of a new ‘edition’ with added content (also release on PS2)

    On a different note… The original MGS for PSX came in TWO CDs, and there were not many FMV’s, because almost all scenes were made out of the game’s graphic engine. And furthermore, I believe the voice acting was exclusive on each region, meaning that French voiced MGS had just that language inside the discs, as the English voiced game had only the english dubbing.

    XBLA Games usually got enhanced graphics, new interface, and more options… HOW the hell are they going to fit all that content in 350MB? I call this rumoUr (:P) false. And I wish it was true, because I’m a “megahuge” (oooooh yes, I said that) fan of MGS :S

  5. sweet jeebus, i’m sorry for the double post, I just re-read my comment and noticed the *EPIC FAIL* in my grammar and spelling. I’m really sorry U_U

  6. Go Team America! And the correct spelling is “rumour” – American English just happens to spell it incorrectly. ;)

  7. I am disappointed in you P. Steen, If you just said that “rumor” was a variant of the British “rumour” and that both were right depending on what country you received your education. that would have been enough. but, you had to follow in the footsteps of the obviously 13yr old poster and be insulting.

    now if he said something like the opposite of width was “heidth”
    then he would have deserved a royal @$$ kicking. :P

  8. lol lighten up Lad. You don’t know how many times I’m told my spelling is wrong by Americans, when America has been deconstructing the English language for a very long time.

  9. A language is a living thing, it changes over the years, a language that doesn’t change is generally considered “dead” seeing British English isn’t a dead Language it must have changed even in the time you have been alive. unless you speak exactly like Geoffrey Chaucer did when he was around, I guess that you are bastardizing the English language as well.

  10. Naturally, language evolves over time, but it’s always nice to see the history of a word’s creation in its spelling.

    And there is a difference between language naturally evolving (with the introduction of new words, or combining existing words through daily conversing) and the conscious decision by a collection of people to change a words spelling to either make it simpler to spell (ie. rumour to rumor, plough to plow) or to change a word’s spelling so as to not offend (ie. titbit to tidbit).

    Of course they’re all variants mad, I was only jesting.

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  12. I'm super pissed at Konami, they could have easily made as much money porting MGS4 to the 360, than to make it “exclusively” for ps3, I don't mind changing discs, it's better than dishing out and extra +350 dollars for one game.