Good news for those of you waiting to get their hands on Spore’s fully working Creature Creator, which is out on the 17th of June. EA’s UK PR manager, Jonathan Goddard, was at hand to inform us that the cost of the Creature Creator will be taken off the full retail price of the Spore game, due in September.

This incentive offer is only for UK customers and only those that made the initial pre-order for Spore, at selected incentive stores.

“In the UK, anyone pre-ordering the full Spore game, due out on September 5, through either EA Store or via selected retailers (GAME and Zavvi) will get a disc containing 100 per cent of the CC (Creature Creator). The only cash they will part with is whatever the pre-order deposit is (typically a £5). This money is deducted from the retail price of Spore when it arrives in September, meaning that the full CC is to all intents and purposes free in the UK.”

The limited component edition of the Creature Creator will be available as a free download from Spore.com next week. The download allows players 25% use of all the items that the full Creature Creator contains.