Every Wii owner’s dream

Nintendo of Europe marketing director Laurent Fischer has been quoted by Edge magazine saying that only “geeks and otaku” have a problem with the Wii’s 512MB of internal storage space.

The Wii is the only console of this generation to not even have the option of a hard drive, instead coming with a mere 512MB of internal space available. An additional 2GB can be added via an SD card, but this still falls far short of even the smallest console hard drive.

Now, I’m not normally somebody who tells people how to do their jobs, but I might suggest to Mr. Fischer that this is probably not a smart thing to say.

Not least of all because these Geeks and Otaku, the ones filling up their Wii’s memory, are most likely doing so by purchasing things like WiiWare games and Virtual Console titles from your company.

If you are one of these “geeks” who has filled up your memory and are annoyed that Nintendo doesn’t seem care about you, don’t worry. Ripten are here to give you an affordable and practical solution.

Using the advanced scientific method of “sticking it to the side”, you too can experience the joys of full hard drive support with your Wii.

Source: Wired


  1. Well Europe better not get a hard drive when we get Reggie us one in America. Trust me we will no matter what it takes.

  2. Better would be getting hold of Laurent Fischers Email address and bombarding him with Emails saying that he shouldn´t be insulting Nintys TRUE FANS!(And resign in the process).

    Where can i get this HD?

  3. Yeah, the water-mark is still there, and it is a funny pic, i would have liked to have seen some love given to Ripten though!