I know I said I was leaving to go watch the newest Hulk movie, but my girlfriend insisted on bathing first (girls and their silly hygiene). On a positive note however, I ran across this as I was forcefully trying to pry myself from my laptop (it is no easy task).

What is this you ask? The Anger Release Machine! What you ask again? The Anger Machine! What? Ok, enough … I am starting to get angry.

Here is how it works. You insert money (which only heightens my rage), then you select an item inside the machine and watch the machine break it. That sounds fine, but if you are anything like me, you are probably still going to still have a little anger left over. What then?

The machine does claim to help you release your anger for a price. Is it then ok to smash the fuck out of the thing? I would assume so. Here’s to hoping that someone does, and also hoping that the someone takes lots of pictures.