Romancing the teenage girl in your life is as easy as strumming your DS screen while a bunch of your friends dance around you at your local neighborhood park. Man I wish they had this amazing invention for my Gameboy when I was a teenager.

Enjoy the new Guitar Hero: On Tour trailer, and remember that everything in life is “more funner” when you are an imaginary DS rock star!


  1. Lame. Nobody will ever play that shit in public. I’m embarrassed enough just watching those dorks in the commercial, I can’t imagine seeing someone in real life rocking out on their DS.

  2. Holy crap! I couldn’t even finish the commercial, DL you are right, you would have to be a real $h!the@d to want to “rock out” with your DS in public. the only thing missing is a guy rolling up in his tricked-out segway to add to “way cool fun”. add a few people saying “DUDE!” and the uber-coolness is complete.

  3. Dude, your just trying to be funny right? I mean, you dont really care about a stupid commercial this much correct? ….Right?

    PS: EVERYONE looks like a knob playing a music game, no exceptions

    PSS:the main girl in that commercial is hawt

  4. You only think she’s hot because of her fingering skills.

    And of course everyone looks stupid playing music games. That’s why you do it in your own home with the curtains pulled. Playing a portable version of Guitar Hero is like masturbating in public — it’s fun until you get caught.