I like my coffee hot

After a lengthy and arguably frivolous lawsuit over the Hot Coffee mod in GTA:San Andreas, less than $30,000 will be paid out to offended consumers. Lawyers express their “surprise” but still want their $1.3 million in fees.

If you bought GTA:SA and found the idea of an unlockable (without direct modification) sex mini-game to be offensive, you are an idiot entitled to a whopping $5 to $35 in compensation. This is thanks to 11 law firms who brought the action against Take Two.

After losing the case, Take Two have been left with a hefty bill for $1.3 million in legal costs. The “surprising” aspect of all this however is, shock of all shocks, nobody really cares about Hot Coffee. Only 2,676 people have filed claims, racking up a total cost of less than $30,000 according to Take Two.

Theodore Frank, director of the Legal Center for the Public Interest has said in response to the lawsuit that;

“There are two possibilities, possibility one is they have a meritorious lawsuit and they’re selling out the class for attorneys’ fees. The other possibility is that, and frankly I think this is the more likely possibility, they brought a meritless lawsuit that had no business being brought to court at all.”

The lawyers who are demanding money have said that Mr. Frank could have no impact on the case because he said he was not offended but the sex scene.

Seth Lesser, lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, told the New York Times “Am I disappointed? Sure, we can’t guess as to why now, several years later, people care or don’t care. The merits of the case were clear.”

You may not be able to guess, but I can. I think most people don’t care because the individuals who actively hacked the game to unlock the mini-game are not likely to be worried or surprised by what they find. Those individuals who did not hack the game can’t access the offending article and so have nothing to worry about.

Via: GamesIndustry.biz