With E3 fast approaching, we’ve decided to put this video up to demonstrate the awesomeness that we will never see there.  The following should be considered “not safe for work,” but it might be worth the risk to watch it right now anyways.

This video is from last year’s Games Convention in Germany.  I have no idea what the game is they are promoting, but we are officially giving it a 10.  E3 and it’s booth babe-itude has drastically reduced over the past few years, but at least the Europeans still have their heads on straight.  Okay, I’ll stop writing now and let the video speak for itself.


  1. There is something about seeing two girls drinking water, spitting on each other then licking it. All at a game convention.

    Right then, when the guy was taping, life wasn’t getting any better for him…

  2. 1.)Traveling: Check

    2.)Gaming Convention: Check

    3.)Playing Games Early: Check

    3.)Booth Babes: Check

    4.)Lesbian Booth Babes: Check