Boom! Generic base shot!

The steady flow of information about the units in the upcoming RTS, Halo Wars, is slowly beginning. Ensemble Studios have now revealed the Warthog and the Fire Base (above).

The M12 LRV ‘Warthog’ will be a small, lightweight, and fast vehicle. With an attachable Light Anti-Aircraft gun or Gauss Cannon it can be used as your basic recon unit, or as a more aggressive offensive vehicle.

The UNSC Fire Base is a rapid deploying home-from-home. It comes with basic communications and fabrication abilities. OK, no big surprises there. We have the ever-fun, team-splattering Warthog and your standard RTS base unit. Still, it’s nice to finally see what the game will look like and begin to get an idea for the playable units. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date when more, hopefully interesting, units are revealed. For all the info on Halo Wars, head to the official site here.