Anyone within the gaming community knows Microsoft is awful at keeping secrets. With recent rumors spreading like wild fire over the 360’s alleged price drop, I decided to do some further research to prove these rumors factual.

I asked around, and eventually, an anonymous little birdie at Game Crazy’s corporate office informed me that a price drop for Microsoft’s system is indeed coming. My next goal was to now find out when this magnificent event would take place.

With that knowledge in tow, I acquired a copy of the Game Crazy soon-to-be available ad, and in lieu of the Xbox 360 Pro bundle price drop rumor, I decided to see what price Game Crazy had put on the 360.

Next to the 360 console it clearly reads “Ask for pricing”. Interesting. Unlike other retail stores, Game Crazy tends to keep their adds in circulation for longer than a week. This one, in particular, is said to expire on August 5th, 2008.

Could this mean that a price drop on the 360 is going to happen in the next few weeks? This writer happens to think so, and not having a $349.99 or $299.99 price on the 360 is a clever way for Game Crazy to cover its bases without formally announcing the new price.

For gamers that do not yet own a 360: get excited.


  1. Seems likely to me. If they are going to announce a price cut, doing it right before E3 would be a good time to do it.