Smile for the camera Chris … you are about to make GH history!

If you are looking for the video game equivalent to Hendrix, you may have found your man. Sixteen-year-old Chris Chike fingers plastic like nobody’s business, and in a world seemingly being taken over by video game guitarists, he is the man to beat.

Chris recently demolished the GH3 track “Through the Fire and the Flames” on expert mode en route to a perfect score. Some GH enthusiasts apparently argue that “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” is more difficult than the aforementioned GH3 track. As far as I am concerned, the thought of either on expert mode make my hands cramp up.

I will happily die never knowing what it feels like to score as high as Chris on any of the more difficult songs GH has to offer, because frankly, my fingers will never move that fast unless they have a female attached to them.

In honor of Chris’s amazing achievement allow me to quote his reaction upon completion word for word below…

“holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit no way no way no way no fucking way oh my god oh my god oh my god holy shit 100 fucking % my hands holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit that just fucking happened.”

Of course success in any walk of life breeds doubters, haters, and my personal favorite — jealous haters full of doubt. As I went to clip the video from Youtube, my eyes stumbled upon one comical response to his video that I just couldn’t pass up sharing.

“r u fucking retarded, u really think he got a 100 percent on it. he’d be in the world record book.” – GearsPlayer999

To answer your question, no we are not, yes we do, and he most certainly is in the Guinness World Record Book. Chris held the previous high score of 880,920 before being dethroned in May of this year by Danny Johnson’s 890,971 score. The Guinness World Record Book is aware of Chris’s latest video (below) and is in the process of trying to confirm his 987,786 score. You lose. Thanks for playing.


  1. I am not privy to your personal relations. Though, I imagine if she were real, she would not appreciate having her clit obliterated. lol

    I like this song…

  2. I don’t know where to begin, LordCancer. You have severe trust issues. I’m here to help you though. I’m going to set you up with a good friend of mine. His name is prozac.

  3. Wow, it’s Dr. Phil! Anyways, call me a jealous hater full of doubt, but I don’t believe this is legit. His reaction seems fake, but I’m sure Dr. Phil would know better than me.

  4. Actually Dan, as I went out to search for proof of his Guinness World Records entry I stumbled upon a site that says he is no longer the record holder.

    Chris was overtaken in May of this year by Danny Johnson whose 890,971 score surpasses Chris’s former high score of 880,920.

    It also states that the Guinness World Record Book is aware of the video depicting Chris above and that they are in the process of verifying his new high score of 987,786.

    I will be updating my article.

  5. Doesn’t matter. I won’t believe it until he does it at my house on my 360 under my gamertag and unlocks all of the achievements for me.

  6. Hmm, I must say I’m sceptical. I watched a vid clip the other day that said it was a bot doing the song. T’was that very song. To me, that looks impossible, but hey, I’ll await the judgement of the men from Guiness.