The “Super Chuck Noris Bros.” teaser first appeared on YouTube in 2006, and the gaming world must have known it would only be a matter of time before a playable game surfaced on the web. The following demo video will give you a glimpse at the chock full of chuck experience that is Super Chuck Norris Bros. Watch the it and download the actual game after the jump.

I originally found this video on via digg, but the site made no mention of where visitors could obtain the actual game, and that just wasn’t going to be good enough. With a little extra research I discovered that the demo was originally posted on YouTube in March of this year by user NeOVidas. Die hard Chuck addicts looking to play the game themselves can download it from NeOvidas’s website for free.

P.S. I made sure to download it first and as far as I can tell the download is virus free. “Chuck Norris doesn’t need a mushroom.” Enjoy.


  1. I made the game and posted the original teaser video. The game is downloadable from my website. Neovidas just helped promote it.