If you watch Bambi and think “I would have taken the mom out with one shot” the ST-2 Shooting Simulator is probably not for you. But if your animal killing skills could use a little polish, this baby may be just what the doctor ordered. Video demonstration and additional information after the jump.

The ST-2 Shooting Simulator boasts realistic animations (not so much) and real time pin point precision feedback. It monitors your gun movement prior to shooting and even lets you fire your own gun. After all, who wants to hold another mans gun?

The ST-2 was created in part by the Birtish Association for Shooting and Conservation (strange combination of words if you ask me) and helps to train Russian and Slovakian clay shooters for the Olympics.

How much you ask? We couldn’t even begin to tell you. The site itself doesn’t list a price, but can you really put a price on improved accuracy and total annihilation?

Source: Marksman Training Systems (via Gizmodo)