Atlus has eased the concerns of thousands of fans by announcing that Persona 4, which recently was a Japan-only title, will be coming to the United States in December of this year.

It appears Atlus isn’t wasting any time at all in continuing the Persona series, as Persona 3 FES was just released this past April. Sticking to what they know, Persona 4 will be a Playstation 2 title. That’s right—companies still make games that aren’t on “next-gen” systems.

From what I’ve seen, we’re looking at a similar construct built off Persona 3, but missing the classic Shin Megami Tensei approach of traditional monsters and move-sets.

From what is known about the newest installment to the Persona series, a more retro feel will be established as the story takes place in the Japanese countryside—the polar opposite of Persona 3’s modernized Iwatodai district.

The game hasn’t hit shelves yet in Japan, but after viewing the jazzy 17-minute trailer it seems to combine the great mechanics from Persona 3 with an entirely new premise. We’ve got some time to wait for the U.S release, but any J-RPG fan and Persona fan alike will be thrilled to hear about the good news.