The official Capcom blog got an update today in the form of a fairly detailed list outlining the company’s E3 lineup. Outside of the obvious jaw droppers in RE5 and Mega Man9, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the next gen remake of Bionic Commando.

Capcom finished off the post by teasing its “Go to E3 with Capcom” contest, insisting that fans come out and see them at the show if they “have the chance” — too cruel.

While better than nothing, the odds of being granted access are stacked against you. Ripten will be at this years E3, so in the event you don’t get a golden ticket, feel free to check back with us for all of your coverage needs.

Have at the full Capcom lineup of games after the jump.

Hey, I just realized we haven’t told you what we’re going to be showing off come E3! And the show is next week! Jeepers!

  • Street Fighter IV: Final arcade code running on a heaping handful of arcade machines.
  • Resident Evil 5: Game of show? Quite possibly!
  • Dark Void: Also playable, also awesome. Snazzed up since CAPTIVATE08 and ready to totally jetpack your face.
  • Bionic Commando: New areas and enemies, now playable on console!
  • Mega Man 9: Put on your retro hats and prepare for a major challenge.
  • MotoGP ’08: This year’s installment of the fastest-growing motorsport on two wheels. We’ll be running the 360 version.
  • Neopets Puzzle Adventure: Surprise hit from CAPTIVATE08, we’ve got more to show on this puzzle adventure game created by the guys who brought you Puzzle Quest.
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: A new batch of characters will be selectable for hi-def brawling.
  • Plunder: Something new is happening with our digital pirate’s booty…
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed: It’s almost out, and we’re showing it one last time.
  • New games-on-the-go from Capcom Interactive, our mobile group
  • Plus a new super-secret project, Flock!

You really should come and see us at E3 if you have the chance!

Source: Capcom’s Official Blog (via: GoNintendo)