Drummania and Guitar Freaks — totally
different from Rock Band.

Konami has filed a lawsuit against Harmonix, MTV Networks, and their parent company Viacom over alleged infringement in the Rock Band videogame.

Konami is claiming that Rock Band violates patents it filed way back in 2002 and 2003 that cover simulated musical instruments and a “musical-rhythm matching game”.

The publisher is seeking cash compensation and an order to block Viacom and Harmonix from using any of the peripherals included in the game, according to the complaint, which was filed in federal court in Marshall, Texas.

Before Harmonix’s success with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Konami had it’s own guitar-themed game called Guitar Freaks, which first appeared in arcades in 1999 and also made its way onto the Playstation and Playstation 2.

There apparently is a patent on rocking out. Who knew?

Konami’s Digital Entertainment unit has recently announced Rock Revolution, another music-based videogame.

Viacom has yet to receive the complaint, so has not made any comments on the situation.

Sounds like a stretch to me, but it might just be some stunt by Konami to work its new Rock Revolution game into the mix of things. We’ll have an update when more information becomes available.

Source: Bloomberg.com


  1. Konami should stick to games that involve 40 hours of cinematics and 10 minutes worth of loading time between each level….it’s what they are good at.