I know you’re as enthralled as I am to hear that Ubisoft has announced that everyone’s favorite jerk chef, Gordon Ramsay, will be starring in his own videogame, based on the syndicated show Hell’s Kitchen, due to hit the Nintendo Wii and DS in September.

The game is based on a 5-star system and involves players ranking up by creating dishes for established guests. Doing well will unlock more dishes and restaurants until the fortunate player gets the privilege of virtually assembling some of Chef Ramsay’s signature plates.

Where I appreciate the originality in the concept behind Hell’s Kitchen the videogame, I’m skeptical as to the audience who’ll be flocking to stores to pre-order such a title, especially from a company such as Ubisoft. With Iron Chef America recently announced, and due in the fall, were they perhaps looking at offering some competition for what seems to be a newly created genre?

Gordan is watching your every move … the tension is unbearable!

Honestly, I can’t imagine the game running much different than a basic simulation mimicking the show in every form, specifically the candid mockeries of Gordon Ramsay; the food world’s Simon Cowell.

There have been dives into television based games with moderate successes — American Idol and the CSI series come to mind. However, when developers create this type of game, they haev to ask themselves whether the fan base will accept the game, let alone make time to play it!

Regardless, Hell’s Kitchen is coming. At best, we can hope the Wii release makes use of some clever controls. Nothing would make me happier than using my nun chuck and wii-mote to flip scallions while sautéing for a party of five.

Ubisoft Serves Up Hell’s Kitchen™: The Video Game
Video Game Based on FOX’s Hit TV Show Features Virtual Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

SAN FRANCISCO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Today Ubisoft announced that it will publish Hell’s Kitchen™: The Video Game, for Wii™, Nintendo DS™, PC and Mac®. Developed by Ludia, Hell’s Kitchen: The Video Game is based on the U.S. hit FOX television program from Granada America featuring world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay. The game will allow players to experience the show’s high-pressure kitchen and dining room challenges as a faithfully rendered 3D Chef Ramsay watches their every move.

“I had a great time doing the voice for my own animation,” said Gordon Ramsay. “Being in a video game is a new experience for me and I’m very pleased with the results.”

After executing the three phases of an order – preparation, cooking and service – Chef Gordon Ramsay will score each meal. As they progress through the game, players will be rewarded with access to recipes from Chef Ramsay’s own repertoire.

“Hell’s Kitchen has everything a great video game needs: pressure, excitement and intense competition,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft North America. “We are very excited to be bringing the intensity of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and the Hell’s Kitchen experience to the virtual world this fall.”

Hell’s Kitchen: The Video Game will be released worldwide September 2008.

Key Features:

Chef Ramsay watches players’ every move and judges them as they progress by yelling at them, praising them or shutting down the kitchen if their skills don’t meet his expectations.

As players progress, they’ll gain access to authentic Gordon Ramsay recipes, including many that are offered exclusively to game owners.

In Career Mode, players can earn stars to build their way up from a Single-Star restaurant to a prestigious Five-Star establishment. As the player advances through the ranks, their star rating advances and the recipes become more varied and intricate.

In Arcade Mode, the pressure builds as customers become increasingly demanding. Players will be challenged to keep up with the pressure before time is up, or Chef Ramsay loses patience and closes the kitchen.