As a longtime Fallout fan, the possibilities of Fallout 3 have me quite excited.  When I saw the first teaser for the game, I got goose bumps.  Now Bethesda unleashes this “new” trailer over a year later, and it is almost the same trailer all over again!

Here is the new E3 trailer for Fallout 3, just released today:

And now here is the original announcement trailer, released in June of 2007:

Do you see what I’m saying? The new trailer is basically the old trailer except a lot shorter and with a television instead of a radio. If this is the kind of “creativity” that’s going into this game, then I’m suddenly not very excited any more.

Hopefully Bethesda’s advertising skills are not indicative of their actual game design skills. I can’t say I’m looking forward to an open-world role-playing game that consists of a hundred hours’ worth of quests that all have me slowly backing away from a media device while listening to music from the turn of the century only to discover that the world around me is all blown up and shit.

I’m crossing my fingers that they show something that’s actually good at E3, like, I don’t know, some gameplay or something.


  1. I think you’re being a bit simplistic here. I find the new trailer pretty brilliant. We go from a mutant in a completely bleak environment in the first trailer a year ago to the protaganist in the same situation watching the rising sun. I find it extremely well done and if anything raises my expectations for the game.

  2. if oblivion’s design doesn’t give you pause…

    I pre-ordered fallout so I could have the bonus soundtrack and poster, I think I’m going to cancel it though, I don’t trust bethesda, after oblivion, I think they owe me money.