Infinite Undiscovery is an action role-playing game developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 from Tri-Ace/Square Enix and I just happened to get my hands on the demo at E3.

The demo starts off with a beautiful cinematic showing Capel, a flute player, locked up in prison. Eventually a cute girl, Aya, comes to his rescue and busts him out of his cell.

I really didn’t know much about what the hell was going on, after all it was a demo, and I just wanted to get straight to the gameplay. The Square Enix exhibitor told me I could actually load up a save file to play a latter part of the game. I did just that.

After loading one of the saved games, I was given the ability to form two different parties, each consisting of four members. At this point of the game I had roughly 11 or 12 characters to choose from, which I thought was pretty tight.

Along with having multiple parties to manage, I discovered you could also send commands to your party members. Kind of like a Tom Clancy game in which you send your troops in for an attack or tell them to wait at a certain spot. Pretty cool for an RPG.

After setting up my two parties, each with a leader and three other characters, I was in the middle of a desert level, which looked gorgeous. There were a number of different enemies around the area, in which I fought in real time. No turn-based battles in this game folks. Oh and when I say real time, I mean it. Even when you’re in the menu screen, your party is still vulnerable to enemy attacks!

As I was playing, I learned how to link with another party member to attack enemies, which is known as the Connect Action system. You just press the RB button and then press the corresponding button to choose what member you want to connect with, then attack. Sounds kind of confusing, but it really wasn’t that hard at all.

Since each party member has a different set of attacks, the Connect Action System brings something unique to the table and offers multiple ways of fighting enemies.

As I mentioned earlier, Capel is a flute player and you can actually bring out your flute to play music.  Doing so will bring out a ring of musical notes surrounding Capel and the rest of the party. I didn’t really understand the point of this, but it must help the party in some way.  Maybe.

We’ll know more about Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery before it’s September 2nd release in the US and Japan.