CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello confirmed at E3 that BioWare, in collaboration with LucasArts, is in fact working on the next Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. Will it be an MMO like has often been rumored? Riccitiello replies simply, “Yes.”

Riccitiello did little to expand on the news other than to say that EA has “two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development.” One of those is the previously announced Warhammer MMO (Age of Reckoning), and the other one is now confirmed as the KotOR MMO, which is tentatively titled “The Old Republic”.

Riccitiello went on to talk about PC versus console and handheld systems, stating that he thinks the PC market will increase in large part due to MMOs. So, does this mean the KotOR MMO isn’t coming to consoles? Riccitiello won’t say.

EA plans on using MMOs as an icebreaker in foreign territories, suggesting that China is next on their list of countries to piss off with their douchebaggery. “We’re launching some mid-session games on a micro-transaction model,” Riccitiello says. Hear that, China? You will be nickel and dimed to death, except those nickels and dimes will cost you $5 each (that’s 34 Yuan Renminbi!). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



  1. BioWare has yet to make a game that sucks. Even games made by other devs that happen to use Bioware engines don’t suck. Of course, that was all before BioWare was bought by EA, so anything can happen now. EA has the power of suck.

  2. Bioware is virtually suck proof. If they made a game called SUCK it would probably suck so much that it wouldnt suck. They are that good.

  3. As good as Bioware is, a kotor mmo would not be the same game. Kotor was designed to be a single player game with a specific story about a few people having a pivotal role in the Star Wars universe. In an mmo everyone will be running around with major importance? This will end up feeling like all other mmo’s; repetitive, lacking in npc’s that matter, and most important of all is the empty story line. Kotor had a great story interesting npc’s and I don’t think that even Bioware can keep the feel of kotor when translating it to a mmo. People who like kotor like the story line and will just want to play out the missions. Now they will be harassed every few seconds by some jerk wad that wants to duel them. Cant Lucas Arts be happy with just making a great game and not making another mmo so they can squeeze a few more bucks out of people.