A tuning genius with an apparent love of videogames (or at least racing games) has tricked out his latest ride with a Need For Speed Carbon motif that’s straight out of the game.

Spanish tuner Ivan Gonzalez spent 110,000 Euros (about $175,000) and 7 months of his time to build this custom machine. He swears he doesn’t race it, though, as he considers it too precious to risk the inevitable smash into cross traffic that always happens in Need For Speed games.

Instead, he takes his baby to shows and competitions, which he’s already won a few of. His next project is going to be a 2005 Dodge Charger that he wants to boost up with 800 horsepower. What’s he going to do with all that horsepower (all that horsepower inside his trorsepower) if he never races? Oh, another one of the world’s great mysteries goes unsolved…

Below is a comparison of Ivan’s car and his inspiration from Need For Speed Carbon, both RX-7 VeilSides:

You can read more about Ivan and his tunage (and see more pictures) at Modified Cars.

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  1. The bottom pick isnt an rx7, its a koenigsegg. I have to say though his rx7 looks absolutely amazing, his hard work definitely shows