We haven’t seen or heard much of anything about Alan Wake over the last two years, beyond a few new screens, and it definitely won’t be at TGS this year. Still, developer Remedy took some time to relax, because of all the hard work that is probably going on, but we’ve yet to see.

This popped up in the official Alan Wake forums, where Remedy’s Markus Mäki stamped all over the rumours of a showing at TGS 2008.

“Sorry for the confusion and possible disappointment, but this was not an announcement that Wake would be shown at TGS 2008. Remedy’s team is just getting back from a bit of holiday and we haven’t had time to chat with Microsoft on upcoming shows/showings yet.”

I’m not sure what I’m more concerned about, the fact that it doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the point where it can be shown in public, or a developer suggests there should be only “possible” disappointment in their own game.

Source: Remedy’s Alan Wake forums