Those who hunger for retro Mega Man goodness will be happy to know that Mega Man 1 hits Nintendo’s VC this Monday, and the much anticipated Mega Man 9 will be available in September. The quoted portion below is directly from the official Capcom blog.

To prepare all you Mega Man fans for the release of Mega Man 9 in September, we’re going to offer you the opportunity to play the game that started it all. The orginal Mega Man game returns on the Virtual Console this Monday, August 4, 2008. Yes, that’s right. Brush up on your old school skills and prepare for some cool contests we have in store. We also plan to re-release Mega Man 2 in early September as well.

As great as this new sounds, there’s one thing that will make your Mega Man experience even better — some original Mega Man art by the man who created him. Don’t forget to sign up for our Keiji Inafune Mega Man art contest before it’s too late.