After a conversation with our own Dan Landis, who reported just a few minutes ago that Marky Mark Walberg injured himself while playing with his Wii, I simply had to take the opportunity to “wii-examine” the statement Mark made not even two weeks ago.

A reporter for People Magazine asked the underwear model, turned rapper, turned actor, if he had played the Max Payne video game, to which he responded:

“I got more responsibility now than I’ve ever had with the kids and everything else. I don’t want to be spending 14 hours on the videogame and then eight hours on the set. It’s not going to work out.”

So, he doesn’t have time to play a video game that may also constitute as research for a role he is about to undertake, but he has the time to play with the Nintendo Wii. If ever you needed proof that the Wii is not considered a real gaming system by some of the people who own it, this may be it.

I personally have nothing against the Wii, but after reporting on a NYC Fitness center charging $110 an hour to play Wii Fit, and now an actor who claims he can’t play video games because of his addictive personality hurting his wrist in a Wii Remote accident, it’s clear to me that the Wii is a phenomenon — one that will likely continue with or without the support of the hardcore gamer.


  1. First of all he injured his wrist because his daughter that was playing the wii hit his wrist with the wii-mote, he wasnt playing it. And secondly he said that in an interview

  2. “If ever you needed proof that the Wii is not considered a real gaming system, this may be it.”

    So, it’s considered a make believe gaming system? A fake gaming system? The games don’t exist? What does that statement even mean? It is made to play games. It’s a system. It’s a real gaming system. Only fanboys and trolls use the word “real” gaming system. Every gaming system out there is “real”. Just that some have more games you like than others. I don’t understand this “real” nonsense.

  3. Herstenberg, what’s a troll? I didn’t think that those particular fictional monsters could speak, never mind use the word “real” in an improper context. Oh wait, you mean you’re using the word “troll” to describe something other than its literal meaning? Now off you go and play some unreal game on your Wii. The Wii does use the Unreal engine doesn’t it? No? Hmmm, very poor.

  4. “Herstenberg, what’s a troll?”

    A troll is someone on the internet who trolls for comments. It’s not about the trolls from fairytails.

    “Oh wait, you mean you’re using the word “troll” to describe something other than its literal meaning?”

    No, not at all. It’s referring to literal trolling like when you troll for fish. I guess I thought most people knew that. I’ve been proven wrong. Well, now you know the meaning of a new word. Congratulations. Maybe in the future before you expose your lack of knowledge you’ll do a little research. The internets are great for that sort of thing. Perhaps try a site called You’d be amazed at how “real” it can seem.

  5. hehe, I’m no fan of the Wii so I don’t care if it’s real or not, but needtocontrol got burned.

    Oh, yeah, and Marky Mark isn’t a real actor. So there. ;)

  6. “when you troll for fish”

    Ah, so you’re accusing Chad of fishing? Interesting, I believe my original point stands.

    I was going to claim that you’re thinking about “trawl”, but it seems that you’re right (after consulting a dictionary as you suggest). Cheers for the enlightenment :o)

  7. “Ah, so you’re accusing Chad of fishing?”

    Nope. I was telling him that it’s not a good idea to use a word/tactic that people who troll use. That’s all. Then you decided to get funny(still not sure why). No biggie.

    But seriously, if anyone needed any proof about trolling, just notice that this story is the highest ranked story on Clearly if he WAS trolling, it worked, it caught lots of hits. :)

  8. when he meant “not a real game system” he meant its not a system to be taken seriously, a wanna be system if you will