BioWare, a company that was once a bastion of the PC-iest of PC-centric game design, is forsaking their roots once more as word comes down that they are considering bringing several of their key franchises to the DS, including Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age.

Miles Holmes, the lead designer on the upcoming Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, remarked to Eurogamer that Bioware’s take on Sonic was only the beginning of the company’s move to position themselves in the handheld space, and that the company is looking to produce more handheld titles to support its franchises’ console entries.

“We have a lot of big plans for Mass Effect,” Holmes said. “Having a DS version would be an awesome way to keep interest alive and keep it going in addition to the next one.”

I can see Mass Effect’s gunplay working well on the touch screen, but otherwise the thought is just kinda weird.



  1. I think it would be cool to have mass effect on the DS although they brought call of duty to the DS and in my opinion that did not turn out good but hopefully mass effect will be better this time around