Rumour alert. David Jaffe’s development studio Eat Sleep Play is known to be working on a selection of new PlayStation 3 games.  Twisted Metal will be one, but aside from that we’re clueless. The God of War creator teases that the game will be shown off next week. The upcoming Game’s Conference in Leipzig might well be the venue.

After splitting from Sony, David Jaffe’s Eat Sleep Play didn’t cease all ties with the console creator, signing a three game deal for the PlayStation 3.  After a tepid reception to PSN game Calling All Cars!, Jaffe’s team has once again returned to full blown PS3 games.  So when are we going to see them?  According to Jaffe, the team is working hard to get a build ready for an upcoming show:

Out in Utah I know the team is scrambling to get a nice, sexy build of the game going for a Sony Dog and Pony next week. While I am sure I would drive some of them crazy if I was out there everyday- and the very successful, very functional alliance we’ve forged over the last 12 years would prob. not work with daily, real life connection- it’s times like these I WISH I was out there, so I could help with the crunch.

Leipzig could be the place, especially when SCEE boss David Reeves claimed there’d be 12 new game announcements at the conference.  Then again “Sony Dog and Pony” could be in reference to an internal Sony showing, i.e. Eat Sleep Play will pitch the game, especially since the game is in early development.  Speculate away.

Source: David Jaffe’s Blog


  1. phew, calling all cars looks to be such a pile of steaming dung that if it was offered for free it wouldn’t get downloaded…..