It appears that Microsoft isn’t the only console maker with deep pockets. While Sega can’t remember who works for them and has made it clear that they have no intentions of reviving the Dreamcast console, it seems that the company hasn’t forgotten the pain that Sony caused them when its PlayStation first hit the market.

Sega kept shut for years, waiting for the right moment to strike. Seeing Sony in what appeared to be a moment of weakness after the Microsoft/Final Fantasy XIII payout, Sega made the call to go in for the kill. The company now has a Square Enix port of their own — FF Versus XIII.

First look at this amazing game after the break.

The loading screen features classic Sega Master System split second response — you won’t have to sit there all day while Mr. Mustache smokes a cigar.

Gameplay mechanics will have you saying Mega Man what? We believe that the screen above is real in-game footage and not CGI, but we have yet to receive confirmation from Sega or Square Enix.

This cinematic presentation in the Sega Master System port of FFXIII Versus leaves me wanting to see more. Unfortunately the game is still in the early stages of development (hard to believe) and will not be touched again until Square finishes the PS3 version.

Source: extreme boredom (via: validating my most anticipated game of the Fall)


  1. Sorry, that just wasn’t funny. Maybe if it was NES or Genesis or a system that somebody actually owned. Well, even then, it’s not that funny.

  2. @Mike I still own a Sega Master System and have fun with quite a few of my older games, this article was hilarious! I got in a bit of trouble here for startling everyone for laughing so much. Thanks Chad, you are just awesome =D I’m anticipating this game more than I’ll tell anyone as well…

  3. to Mike: Just because you bought what everyone else bought doesn’t mean nobody owned a Master System. I own one and it’s awesome

  4. I think this is really not a good idea. A game like FFXIII is barely possible on the PS3, but is a breeze on the Master System. It’s like they just got lazy. If Square Enix really wanted to turn some heads, they would release it for the Supergrafx, or the Virtual Boy.