Its just a flesh wound.

Not content in holding up a large percentage of the market share with conventional thinking alone, Sony once again plans to go outside the box (and open Pandora’s) to reintroduce a lack of physical controllers into their games.

At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe was on deck to talk about the future of the EyeToy and the EyeToy: Play lineup. Sony’s own Sandy Spangler went into detail about how they planned to extend the EyeToy franchise from a “looking somewhat stupid” to “hey, is that Paris Hilton?” level, while peppering in numbers to represent their success into bringing 10.5 million EyeToy cameras into families across the world.

As Sony’s magnum opus in the casual sense, they recognized the faults that the PS2’s EyeToy had, and even made sure to fix them and add new features back when the Playstation Eye shipped with Eye of Judgement. Sony plans to fully utilize the Playstation Eye’s new features when they release two new games coming this Christmas- Hero & Pom-Pom Party.

Though they didn’t go into details over the Blockbuster hit that Pom-Pom Party is sure to be, Hero actually piqued my interest for a reason- its a medieval first person adventure game. I’m a bit lost, too. Just think of it as the cartoon, 1:1 sword-fighting (Red Steel comes to mind) probably not as fun, version of Oblivion. The game is supposed to ship with a sword peripheral that you can wave around in front of the camera, and a case to hold your dignity in so you don’t lose it. Guard that case with your life.

[Note: There’s not really a case- you’re screwed.]

Source: DarkZero


  1. I am sorta Confused. I am pretty Sure this is for the PS2 Eyetoy not the PS3’s PS Eye. As the Presentation for the slides show a PS2 case not a PS3 game,they also mention something about it being part of the PS2 Eyetoy Play software or something.