I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Eat Sleep Play’s new PlayStation 3 game won’t be at the Leipzig Games Convention, despite our hoping and praying. The good news is that I’ve coaxed David Jaffe into detailing when we might be lucky enough to see the new project.

In a previous post I explored David Jaffe’s words for the possibility of Leipzig Games Convention reveal, where Sony will have a considerable selection of titles on show. However, previous fears were correct.  Eat Sleep Play’s “dog and pony” is in reference to an internal showing of their new game.  David Jaffe clarifies his words in a Ripten thread on the Neogaf Forums:

Hey ya’ll- as for our new game, no, we re not showing it next week. Or next month. Or the month after that.

We’re prob. a good 6-10 months away from letting anyone outside of Sony see it. And at that point, I have no clue if they will give it its own showing to the press or make it’s unveiling a part of something like GDC or E3.

Will let ya’ll know- hope you like what we are doing!”

While you lament over that news, there’s even worse to come.  The game won’t even be announced at Leipzig.  No name, no CGI trailer, no anything.

You mean OUR game? Not sure if you are talking about what we are working on. But if you are, hells no. We are just too early. This stuff takes time, man. But trust me, I’m dying to show it and talk about it and show off some of the amazing stuff the team has been up to.

At least David Jaffe let us know before we got too excited.  Nevertheless, we have much more Leipzig content to be excited over.