Mega Man is hard. No doubt about that. Mega Man 9, supposedly, is going to be the hardest one since the classic NES titles of yore, which is pretty fitting considering the game’s neo-retro graphical style. Back in the day when you downed Quick Man without taking a hit, all you could do was tell your friends, and hope they believed you.

Now, with these recently released Mega Man 9 Achievements, you can have concrete proof of your bona fide Mega mastery. Good luck getting them though, because well, they’re almost all completely insane, from “Gamer’s Day”, which tasks you with beating the game 5 times in a single day, to “Peacekeeper”, which requires you to beat the game while defeating “as few enemies as possible” – nice of Capcom not to give us a specific number. Hit the jump for the full list.

Clear the game in 60 minutes or less. 20 G

Clear the game without dying. 30 G

Almost Invincible
Clear the game without continuing. 20 G

No Coffee Break
Clear the game without using any Energy or Mystery Tanks. 10 G

Clear the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible. 20 G

Clear the game by using the least amount of Weapon Energy possible. 20 G

Gamer’s Day
Clear the game 5 times in 1 day. 20 G

Whomp Wily!
Clear the game once. 5 G

Defeat your 1000th enemy. 20 G

World Warrior
Defeat every type of enemy. 5 G

Trusty Sidearm
Defeat the 8 Bosses with the Mega Buster. 20 G

Blue Bomber 10 G
Defeat a Boss without getting damaged.