Windows XP on your Nintendo Entertainment System? What if it meant you could play all of your favorite games without ever having to blow into the ass end of a cartridge ever again? Now we’re talking!

Using an Intel mini-ITX mobo, modder cbutters was able to create a retro console that you can easily plug into a TV and boot up to play NES, SNES, and even N64 games. While this bad boy looks like a classic NES on the outside, the build log reveals the true power under the hood.

Hit the jump for a video showing the retro PC in action.



  1. Actually, my local GameStation has a Master System for a fiver in the window. It’s probably gone now, but it was a good deal for whoever got it. Master Systems aren’t really that hard to come by, I’ve found. SNES and NES, however, are nowhere to be found.